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Jayne harris

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Jayne is an award winning Master Herbalist, Paranormal Researcher, Psychologist and Historian.
She is Co-Presenter of  TV series Help! My House is Haunted, RTS Award winning spin-off series Celebrity Help! My House is Haunted and Paranormal Expert with Unexplained Caught on Camera (Warner Bros Discovery).

She holds Degrees in Psychology, Sociology and English Literature, a Masters Award in Advanced Herbalism and Naturopathy and is currently studying the history and science of esoteric Alchemy.
She is the owner of HD UK Group Ltd, parent organisation of events company HD Paranormal and tour agency Eerie Escapes.

Jayne is also the owner of organic skincare and well-being company The Little Herb Garden (finalist in the Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Awards 2022).

She is a published Author having released her debut book 

What Dwells Within (John Hunt Publishing) in 2015 and her 2nd publication Peggy The Doll (KD Publishing) becoming an Amazon 'Supernatural Best Seller' in the first week of release.

Jayne tutors 2 supernatural online study courses, Understanding Spirit Attachment and Applied Paranormal Research, and gives lectures and demonstrations on several specialisms including Victorian Spiritualism, Green Witchcraft, Demonology, The History of Magic, ITC and Paranormal Investigation.

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